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Entities PageΒΆ


      - type: cardEntities
        title: Test Entities Card
          - entity: light.bed_light
          - entity: switch.decorative_lights
          - entity: cover.hall_window
          - entity: sensor.outside_temperature

List of supported config keys of this card:

key optional type default description
type False string None Type of the card
entities False complex None contains a list of entities of this card
title True string None Title of the Page
key True string None Used by navigate items in combination with the type (cardEntities_key)

List of supported entitiy types for this page:

  • cover
  • switch
  • input_boolean
  • binary_sensor
  • sensor
  • button
  • number
  • input_number
  • scenes
  • script
  • input_button
  • light
  • input_text (read-only)
  • input_select
  • lock
  • fan
  • automation
  • alarm
  • sun
  • person
  • climate (status only, may be used in combination with navigate)
  • iText (internal entity for showing static text)
  • delete (internal entity to keep a entiy empty in the middle of the list)
  • navigate (internal entity for navigation, see subpages)