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Power Card (v3.9 and higher)ΒΆ


      - type: cardPower
        title: Power Test
          - entity: sensor.power_consumption
            icon: mdi:home
          - entity: delete
          - entity: sensor.today_energy
            icon: mdi:car
            speed: -20
          - entity: delete
          - entity: sensor.today_energy
            icon: mdi:battery
            speed: 20
          - entity: delete
          - entity: sensor.today_energy
            icon: mdi:solar-panel
            color: [255, 255, 0]
            speed: 30
          - entity: sensor.today_energy
            speed: -40
            icon: mdi:help

The first two entities are shown in the middle of the card, all other entities are used around it. Any entity overrides (e.g. icon, color) in the first entity apply to the middle of the card.

List of supported config keys of this card:

key optional type default description
type False string None Type of the card
entities False complex None contains entities of the card
title True string None Title of the Page
cooldown True float None Rate Limit for Entity Updates to the card in Seconds (cooldown: 0.5)
key True string None Used by navigate items

List of supported entitiy types for this page:

  • sensor

N.B. Negative values will likely be truncated and not display gracefully. For this reason, when measuring energy you should use the same inputs as you use on the Home Assistant Energy Dashboard (i.e. separate grid import and grid export) and similarly when measuring power.

Some details about speed:

Speed expects an integer input between -100 and 100.

It is possible to calculate the speed through a Home Assistant template, this allows to calculate the speed in relation to other data in Home Assistant.

This template will calculate a speed setting based on the amount of power drawn on a device as a fraction of the total power usage.

            speed: >-
              {% set entity_power = states('sensor.appliance_water_heater_power') |float | round(3)%}
              {% set total_power = states('sensor.ams_power_active') | float | round(3) %}
              {% set entity_usage = (entity_power / total_power * 100) | float %}
              {{ (entity_usage | round()) * -1 }}
It provides the number as a negative integer, making the dot move from the middle of the card toward the entity. If you want the dot to move toward from the middle of the card, just skip inverting it at the end of the template like this:
              {{ (entity_usage | round()) }}