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Climate/Thermo CardΒΆ


      - type: cardThermo
        title: HeatPump
        entity: climate.heatpump
      - type: cardThermo
        title: HvaC
        entity: climate.hvac
      - type: cardThermo
        title: ecobee
        entity: climate.ecobee

List of supported config keys of this card:

key optional type default description
type False string None Type of the card
entity False string None contains the entitiy of this card
title True string None Title of the Page
temperatureUnit True string celsius set this to fahrenheit to change the temperatureUnit on the page
key True string None Used by navigate items in combination with the type (cardEntities_key)
supportedModes True list None Supply list of heat actions if you want to limit the actions on the card. Example ['heat', 'off']