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WiFi / QR CardΒΆ


      - type: cardQR
        title: Guest Wifi
        qrCode: "WIFI:S:test_ssid;T:WPA;P:test_pw;;"
          - entity: iText.test_ssid
            name: Name
            icon: mdi:wifi
          - entity: iText.test_pw
            name: Password
            icon: mdi:key

List of supported config keys of this card:

key optional type default description
type False string None Type of the card
entities False complex None contains entities of the card, only valid on cardEntities and cardGrid and cardQR
title True string None Title of the Page
key True string None Used by navigate items
qrCode False string None Value of the qrCode

List of supported entitiy types for this page:

  • switch
  • input_boolean
  • binary_sensor
  • sensor
  • button
  • scenes
  • script
  • input_button
  • input_select
  • light
  • input_text (read-only)
  • lock
  • automation

The qrCode value is evaluated as a homeassistant Template, so it is possible to get values from HomeAssistant within the qrCode.